642 Things To Write About, Writing Prompt Wednesday

Dying House Plant

Prompt: A house plant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.


My Response: 

Dear Succulent,

I thought we had a mutual understanding. You keep growing, I keep gloating.

For the last seven months I have received an odd satisfaction when I see your green leaves, knowing Liam was wrong when he said I was too irresponsible to keep even a plant alive. Some may say it’s ridiculous to always be posing for my selfies with you in the background, but my hope that he will see you thriving keeps the tradition going. You could very well be the most featured plant on Instagram. Isn’t that worth living for?

You were supposed to be a sturdy plant, an impossible to kill plant. This can’t be the only time in my life I achieve the impossible. So if you want to do a girl a solid and, you know, not die that would be great.

3/14/18 Prompt: You have a time machine, but it can only go back in time two days. What would you change?

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