Grammatically Incorrect, Personal

March Update…because I’m too lazy to think of a different title

Just write….something!

I’m sitting here aimlessly scrolling, seven browsers open, overwhelmed by all the things I want to get out of my brain and checked off my to do list

I can’t pick a place to start.

  • I’ve been unable to work on my current manuscripts for several weeks
  • I want to write a post about emotional and physical healing
  • I want to prepare my writing prompts for the next few weeks
  • I want to announce to the world I have a head cold / allergies putting me further into a funk
  • I want to write about my fitness journey and how I want to focus part of my social media (Instagram most likely) on that side of things
  • I have letters I need to write to my daughter
  • I need a new “real” job
  • My kids REALLY need to clean their rooms ;-P

My anxiety is acting up every time I look at the calendar. How is it the end of March already? Oh yeah that’s another thing I want to write about

  • Comparing 2017 March to 2018 March…does everyone’s life change so drastically each year? How do people follow the same routine and have the same job for 30 – 50+ years?

Definitely feeling some impostor syndrome in regards to writing. Feeling incredibly lazy as an employee. And 100% feeling like a sub-par mom.

This is turning into a much more depressing update than I intended, but it’s the truth at the moment.

**insert inspirational quote to turn things around**

I so badly want to have a completely different update for you soon!

Time to get to work!

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