The Basics:

Hello! I’m K. Lee, mom by day aspiring author by night. I live in the DFW area with my family (husband, two crazy kids, and two shelter mutts).

My Journey Into Writing:

I’ve always enjoyed writing.

In the fourth grade I had to stay after school to finish my writing TAKS test and ended up with a score of 4/4. I felt like I won the lottery. My teacher told me how proud she was that I didn’t rush and made the comment she would use me as an example for as long as she was teaching.

In college English I wrote a paper I was somewhat disappointed in, knowing I could do better, and yet my teacher asked if she could use it as a sample to her other classes because it was the best she’d read in years. I’ve always been, and will always be, a horrible compliment taker.

When I began blogging letters to my daughter I was surprised to find other people were reading and enjoying them.

Writing was always a part of my life, but I never planned to do anything with it. I never thought I could do anything with it.

December 2016 I quit my full-time job of 5 years with no plan in place for the future.


My husband asked what I wanted to do next and my response was literally:

“I think I’ll write a book.” 

So I did.

I joined a critique group, I connected with other young adult romance authors, and I wrote non-stop.

The result exactly one year later was You Will Never Be Him.

Now I know, no matter what the result, I can never stop writing.

Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash