642 Things To Write About, Writing Prompt Wednesday

2/28/18 Writing Prompt Wednesday

Prompt: The long-lost roommate

christian-stahl-313383-unsplashMy Response: 

By the look on Jana’s face as she opened to door to apartment 31, you’d have thought she’d seen a ghost. From her perspective, she was looking at a ghost.

“Oh good you’re still here. I need my phone charger,” Sadie said casually. She walked passed Jana who was still too stunned to react.

“You disappear for nearly two years and suddenly you’re back for your phone charger?”

“What are you talking about?” Sadie asked as she walked back towards Jana. “I was here yesterday. I just spent the night at Sam’s.”

“Sadie, stop messing around!” Jana’s voice was starting to tremble. “You left. You left last April. You ran off in the middle of the night, changed your number, deleted your Facebook. I thought you were dead!”

“You’re scaring me,” Sadie said as she realized her roommate of nearly four years wasn’t joking.

“You don’t really believe you were here yesterday do you?”

“You don’t really think I’ve been gone for two years do you?”

Jana couldn’t respond.

“Let’s call Kyle and—”

“Who is Kyle?”

“Your boyfriend…”

“Sadie, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

3/7/18 Prompt: A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live. 


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