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Creative Output = 0

When you’re a “creative” not producing anything creative starts to take its toll.

Things I have noticed over the past months of being unable to balance work, home, and creating…

  • my anxiety is heightened
  • if I do get a rare moment to sit and write I feel like my writing is crap
  • I’m feeling “lost” and unsure what to do with my life…apparently that’s just adulthood but I still don’t like it!
  • imposter syndrome
  • Lots of ideas that just make me mad when I’m unable to start expanding upon them

The year is more than half way over and let me tell  you, it’s been a hard one. Much harder than I expected (and I wasn’t expecting much).

I am still fighting to find a way out of this rut, and when I do my creativity will be the first thing to benefit from the breakthrough! 


Grammatically Incorrect, Personal

March Update…because I’m too lazy to think of a different title

Just write….something!

I’m sitting here aimlessly scrolling, seven browsers open, overwhelmed by all the things I want to get out of my brain and checked off my to do list

I can’t pick a place to start.

  • I’ve been unable to work on my current manuscripts for several weeks
  • I want to write a post about emotional and physical healing
  • I want to prepare my writing prompts for the next few weeks
  • I want to announce to the world I have a head cold / allergies putting me further into a funk
  • I want to write about my fitness journey and how I want to focus part of my social media (Instagram most likely) on that side of things
  • I have letters I need to write to my daughter
  • I need a new “real” job
  • My kids REALLY need to clean their rooms ;-P

My anxiety is acting up every time I look at the calendar. How is it the end of March already? Oh yeah that’s another thing I want to write about

  • Comparing 2017 March to 2018 March…does everyone’s life change so drastically each year? How do people follow the same routine and have the same job for 30 – 50+ years?

Definitely feeling some impostor syndrome in regards to writing. Feeling incredibly lazy as an employee. And 100% feeling like a sub-par mom.

This is turning into a much more depressing update than I intended, but it’s the truth at the moment.

**insert inspirational quote to turn things around**

I so badly want to have a completely different update for you soon!

Time to get to work!

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Joined Twitter today.

I feel old…Twitter has always been the one big social media thing I wasn’t in to. Aside from Jimmy Fallon’s weekly segment on hashtags I’ve never understood the point.

Apparently even using the word “hashtag” is now an old thing…I can’t keep up!

But alas, I’m trying to cover all bases for my book release.

So follow me…I’ll follow you…and we’ll be one big happy Twitter family.

Oh! Also today I got my Newsletter subscription officially up and running. It’s all beginning to come together! A release date for You Will Never Be Him will be announced soon.


Grammatically Incorrect, Personal

When You’re a Writer Who Doesn’t Always Want To Write Right…It’s Alright!

I’ve created a new category for some of my blog posts

“Grammatically Incorrect” 

because sometimes I like to write run on sentences…and sometimes I like to bullet journal…and sometimes I like to overuse ellipsis…

I have always tried to keep the incorrect writing to myself, but to keep this blog up to date (which I’ve been told by MANY people is key) then I have to allow myself to publish imperfect posts…on purpose!