642 Things To Write About, Writing Prompt Wednesday

2/21/18 #writingpromptwednesday

Still unsure how the formatting will work best on this so bear with me as I experiment with different options each week!

Prompt: A man jumps from the 40th floor or a building. As he passes the 28th floor he hears a phone ring and regrets that he jumped. Why?

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

My response: His eyes closed softly and the wind blew freely through his hair.  This is surely how birds feel while flying he thought to himself. A smile grew across his face as he realized this was the best he had felt in many years. Nothing could take this joy away; it would be the last thing he felt. The ground grew closer as he plummeted through the sky, but he was blissfully unaware. A familiar tune began to chime, his phone vibrated in his vest pocket, and his peace was disrupted. How is it that even in death the world can ruin my happiness?  Anger grew inside him. His 5.64 second fall was coming to a close. He wanted so desperately to feel the weightless elation again but it was gone. He had chosen the wrong way to go and nothing could stop this last mistake.

Favorite Reader Response: @ittybittykitty on Instagram “He should of called his parents before he did that and said he loved them.”

2/28/18 Prompt: The long-lost roommate.

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