Eventually, I’ll Actually Start Blogging

I’ve been telling myself I’m going to start blogging more regularly for this site.

That hasn’t happened yet!

Perhaps this is the start of it?

Until then, here are the updates for all of my projects…

The Pin Cushion: The first phase of my apprenticeship is coming to and end (already?!?! ah!). This mean I’ll soon be able to do our most common piercings without supervision. I have four more to check off the list and then have a couple weeks of supervised practice to make sure everything is perfect. I have updated my Body Piercing Portfolio Page, and am looking for a few more volunteers to come in for discounted piercings.

You Will Never Be Him: Two and a half weeks from now my revised manuscript will be going back to the editor for a copy edit! I’m hoping if it goes well I’ll be able to start sending query letters this fall. My beta readers provided wonderful feedback, the most reassuring of all being that they loved my story.

Personal Life: kindergarten meet the teacher is tonight for my daughter….I’m kinda freaking out. Summer has flown by way too fast. I now have a 3 year old, and Olivia’s 6th birthday will be here in 4 weeks. That’s about it actually. Life has pretty much been consumed with kids, writing, and piercing. I’m loving it all!

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