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Why Should You Let An Apprentice Pierce You?

My mentor Kimberly and I

Thinking about getting a new piercing?

Have you considered helping an apprentice start or expand their portfolio with said piercing?

No, hasn’t crossed your mind?

Well here’s why you should:

We have to learn somehow 

Professional body piercers have to (well should) start off as apprentices. It is impossible to learn the art without hands on experience. The craft needs passed down and the only way that will happen is for apprentices to become professionals.

We have practiced 

My mentor loves to tell stories about how when she was learning to pierce they didn’t have silicone molds to practice on like we do. You simply watched someone else perform the piercing once (twice if you’re lucky) and then had to do it on your own on a live person. Before actually piercing we have practiced all of the steps dozens of times. We have watched our mentor perform hundreds of piercings before being allowed to move to the next phase. It is not an overnight process!

We are closely supervised 

Every piercing done during an apprenticeship is supervised by the mentor. If they did not have confidence in the apprentice to do that particular piercing it wouldn’t be done at that time. The mentor will verbally walk through each step so the client feels at ease and the apprentice knows they are on the right track.

You get a discount

Each shop is different, but most will offer great discounts for allowing an apprentice to pierce you. For my particular apprenticeship you pay only a set up fee ($10-$20 depending on the piercing). It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us in our journey!

If you’re in the Frisco, TX area and are interested in letting me pierce you at The Pin Cushion please contact me!


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