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IDGAF Snippet 2: The (ex)Boyfriend

My thoughts this week: Ever run back to the drawing board right after diving into a project? Yeah that was me this week. Panicking over my decision to share this story. After meeting with my writing critique group last night I’ve decided to take an even more casual approach to this. Perhaps these “snippets” will become bonus material to the finished project, will be added to, or broken up throughout the story. It will all still make a short story once complete, but to the other authors out there trust me I KNOW it’s a lot of “telling and not showing”.

INTRO: What to Expect from Isla

Snippet 1: The Low Down


The (ex)Boyfriend

Dillon Creary was my everything; except when he wasn’t.

We spent the majority of the four-year adventure called “high school” together. We broke up every few months, but if there was ever a big event coming up i.e. homecoming or prom you were sure to find us working things out.

He was the douche that had shirtless mirror selfies as his profile pic before he met me. He wasn’t considered a “jock” because he didn’t play for any school teams, but he was definitely in shape. His shaggy brown hair had curls with a mind of their own so he usually sported a backwards baseball cap. One of my favorite parts of our “on again” times was getting to steal and wear his stupid hats.

We were very public with our ever changing relationship status, and other girls weren’t afraid to comment on each go around. Somehow dating one guy off and on throughout high school can still earn you a reputation as a slut.

I don’t know what I saw in him. He was nice enough, decently smart, liked to act like a trouble maker but never did anything too seriously out of line.  I think we just liked to confuse each other.

We had a long list of firsts together:

  • First serious boyfriend / girlfriend
  • First kiss
  • First breakup
  • First “I love you”
  • First everything *wink wink*

After high school we tried the long distance thing. No surprise it failed. I stayed local and he moved away, but come break time we usually happened to ‘bump’ into each other.

Bumping into each other typically led to hooking up. We didn’t discuss current our relationship status outside of our own little screwed up co-dependent world. Eventually I knew I’d have to move on since I had no interest in marrying him, but for quite some time I was still too addicted to the memories and drama that came along with Dillon Creary.


CONTINUE READING: The Rebound and The Fling

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