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What I Have Gained By Losing My Set Income

Diving head first into the unknown has never been a forte of mine. I like to carefully think things out and have a set plan before moving forward. So when I decided to leave my full time position for a part time one without an exact plan in place I thought I might have lost my mind. I have been working since I was 15 years old with very little time off; it finally caught up to me.

I realized that despite loving the line of work I was in, I am not physically or mentally made to do the same thing over and over again. I need variety, freedom, and space to create. I have found all of that by moving to an irregular, unpredictable income. While it is internally terrifying, I haven’t felt this good in a long time!


Here’s a look at my past 8 weeks:

I have taken my kids to the park more times than I did all of last year combined

I have had time to sit, play, read, and color with them

I have been able to take them to play dates with their friends they have missed

I have been a better mother.

I have been able to do a Bible study with my husband

We have had more time to parent together

We have enjoyed dinner with each other without feeling rushed to prepare for the next day

I have been a better wife

I have been able to tend to the yard that has sat neglected for over a year.

I have kept my home clean (well as clean as it can be with two small children).

I have spent more time with our family dogs

I have been a better steward of the possessions I have been blessed with.

I have gone out for coffee with friends I haven’t seen in years

I have been able to attend a Mom’s Night Out

I have been able to engage in meaningful conversation with others online and in person

I have been a better friend.

I have recovered from major surgery

I have begun working out for the first time in years

I have been able to go to sleep on time

I have become a healthier me.

I have accomplished all of this while still:

  • Working part time for the birth center
  • Building two websites and maintaining a third
  • Writing a combined twenty blog posts for all of my business and personal sites (twenty one if you count this post)
  • Relaunching / promoting my doula business and networking with local professionals
  • Writing forty pages (and counting!) of my childbirth curriculum
  • Attending one birth
  • Capturing and editing well over one hundred photographs
  • Managing or co-managing the social media for 3 Facebook business pages
  • Writing 25,000 words for my novel

I am a hard worker and a fierce believer in the fact that my dedication will pay off.

This will work!


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