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Top 5 Reasons to Hire KLS

So you’re wondering why you should hire KLS Collective? 

I always thought “About Me” sections and online bios were the most awkward things to produce, but I think this post is about to prove me wrong. So here is my attempt to pitch you…well me!

1. Proven Track Record  

My clientele base may be small right now but the content I have produced has been met with great review.

2. Personalized 

I know online presence isn’t a one size fits all mold. Each project requires different elements, and I  have the time and attention to detail required to ensure each project is completed with the utmost optimization. Having photographer and designer in one also allows for customization of images used in website design. You and your business will be featured, not stock photos.

3. Efficient and Realistic 

We’ll work together to formulate a time line that works for all parties. I take a lot of pride in my ability to work quickly while still producing high quality work.

4. Connected

If for some reason I don’t provide every piece of a service you’re looking for (like graphic design for example) I have personal references I have worked with before that can assist in completing your project.

5. Affordable 

As stated in number one: my clientele base is small right now. Therefore, I am trying to get my name out there. Low hourly rates and/or discounted monthly packages are available!

Contact me today for a free consultation!



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